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Dylan Obrien Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth Movies and TV Shows



Dylan Obrien Biography
Dylan Obrien Bio

Dylan O’Brien is an American actor known for his roles in the series Teen Wolf and The Maze. If he plans to become a sports journalist for a while, Dylan O’Brien has a cinema in his blood. Her mother Lisa is a former actress and theatre teacher and her father is a cameraman. From the age of 14, young Dylan creates his own videos and posts them on his YouTube channel.

Thanks to them, he got noticed by a producer and director who offered him to play in his web series and allowed him to find a manager. He must, however, be patient. After several failed auditions, he participates in that the series Teen Wolf. Four auditions later, he landed his first major role, that of “Stiles” Stilinski in 2010. From then on, his career took off and he participated in various films and series such as New Girl and Les Stagiaires 

In 2014, Dylan O’Brien landed the lead role in the film The Labyrinth. A real phenomenon among adolescents, the saga allows him to be one of the fifteen stars to follow in 2014. After this success, he takes the opportunity to change the register since, in 2016, he will be starring in the drama Deepwater Horizon alongside Mark Wahlberg. On the heart, Dylan O’Brien is in a relationship with the actress Britt Robertson met in 2011 on the set of the movie The First Time.

Who is Dylan Obrien?

Born August 26, 1991, in New York City, Dylan O’Brien is an American actor known for his roles in the series Teen Wolf and The Maze. Her mother Lisa is a former actress and theatre teacher and her father is a cameraman. In New Jersey, Dylan experienced his childhood in the suburb of Springfield Township by the age of 12. Later, Dylan moved with his family to Hermosa Beach, California. Dylan’s mother, Lisa, is of Italian, English, and California descent, while Dylan’s father, Patrick, is of Irish descent. Dylan completed his Matrix education at Mira Costa High School in 2009. Later, Dylan broadcast at games and probably joined the New York Mets.

Dylan, during his final year in high school, was offered a web series work by a local director who was impressed by his video developing strategy.

Dylan was introduced to other producers by his co-actors while taking a shot at the web series. Dylan dreamed of going to Syracuse University to major in sports broadcasting, however, Dylan pursued an acting career instead. Before starting his career in acting, Dylan coordinated and starred in a variety of comic short films, which he uploaded to his YouTube channel. 

Dylan also experienced several auditions in the television industry to be cast in lead roles. His first role was in the MTV drama series Teen Wolf. Dylan was offered to portray the character of Scott, yet after reading the material, Dylan discussed going for the role of Styles in the series. And then later, Dylan starred with Britt Robertson in the parody The First Time.

Dylan also starred in the 2017 action film American Assassin where he played the lead role of Mitch Rapp. Apart from this, he also lent his voice for the CGI character in the Transformers sequel film Bumblebee in 2018. His upcoming shows include the dystopian touring film and The Education of Fredrik FitzGames, Monster Problems, where Dylan starred alongside Ariana Greenblatt, and Michael Rooker.

Dylan O'brien Images

Dylan O’brien Images

Dylan Obrien Biography
Name: Dylan Obrien
Date of Birth August 26, 1991
Age: 30 Years
Weight: 152 lbs
Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
Nationality: American
Birthplace New York, New York, United States
Hobby Baseball, music, and Acting
Children: Jack Breckenridge Hooper, and Billie Breckenridge Hooper
Source of Wealth: Actor, Maze Runner, YouTuber
Country of Origin: United States of America
Dylan O’Brien Net Worth USD $7 Million approx
Last updated:  2022


Dylan Obrien was born on August 26, 1991, in the city of New York, United States Of America. Currently, Dylan is 30 years of age.


Currently, Dylan Obrien is 30 years of age. he is a male and a famous actor in New York City. He is also a YouTuber. 

Height and Weight

Dylan O’Brien is an American actor. Dylan’s height is 5ft 10inc and his weight is 74kg. Dylan is also a famous YouTuber. 

Dylan Obrien Relationships

Dylan Obrien, a 30-year-old man, is currently unmarried. But that doesn’t mean that Dylan never dated anyone. There have been many reports that claim that he has dated his co-stars.

Dylan Obrien Career

Dalyn achieved his greatest success in 2010 when he got a famous role in the television series Team Bhool Main, backed by the most popular channel MTV. Dylan immediately attended the audition and was cast to play Stylish’s character.

Then since then, offers of new films started knocking at his door.

 In 2011, Dylan did the comedy Click High Road, then in 2012, Dalyn got the premiere of his rom-com ‘The First Time’ at the prestigious ‘Sundance Film Festival’. happened in One of Dylan’s co-stars in the acclaimed film was actress Britt Robertson, whom Dylan also briefly dated.

 In 2013, Dylan was also seen in the comedy Click the Internship. The film also featured famous actors like Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, who are known for their superb comic timing.

Dylan O'brien Images

Dylan O’brien Images

Movies and Tv Shows

Has earned a huge fan following thanks to his roles in the first two installments of ‘Maze Runner’. Both the films have grossed a whopping $660 million, making them one of the highest-grossing films of recent times. Dylan O’Brien’s Major Runner franchise was a huge success in the first two installments, earning a whopping $660 million in both of his films, making them one of the highest-grossing films of all time has become. 

Dylan Obrien Net Worth

Dylan O’Brien is an actor and also a musician. He has a net worth of $7 million dollars. Born August 26, 1991, in New York City, Dylan O’Brien is an American actor known for his roles in the series Teen Wolf and The Maze. Her mother Lisa is a former actress and theater teacher and her father is a cameraman. In New Jersey, Dylan experienced his childhood in the suburb of Springfield Township by the age of 12. 

Interesting Fact About Dylan O’Brien

  • It is very rare to hear of an actor who gets a big break with his debut role. Exactly the same thing happened with Dylan. Teen Wolf was Dylan’s first big audition, or rather it was the first job he got. Dylan got a different identity after working in Teen Wolf, he turned into a talented young star. 
  • Dylan may not have become an athlete himself, but he is a huge sports fan. Dalyn especially enjoys playing baseball and spent his childhood in the home of Mets fans. So thus Dylan is also a Mets fan and Dylan is one for the rest of his life. Despite the team’s record, Dylan always stands by his team. 
  • Dayan also suffered a serious injury during a film stunt, due to which he had to be admitted to the hospital.
  • Dylan’s approach to acting was a bit more unorthodox than the others. He was not the type of person who was always on his way to start an acting career. Instead, he was a YouTuber who garnered a huge following. A Hollywood exec caught wind of his YouTube content and helped him get into the industry. Talking about Dylan’s acting, his acting was a bit unconventional as compared to others Dalyn is not a person who was always on the way to start an acting career because of this he was a youtube Arabic he had a huge following Dylan A Hollywood exec caught wind of his YouTube content and even helped him get into the industry.
Dylan O'brien Images

Dylan O’brien Images

Dalyn Obrien’s Media Profiles:

  •  Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn


Q1: How long was Dylan O’Brien in a coma?

Dayalan suffered a serious injury during a film stunt, due to which he had to be hospitalized and there he was in a coma for 6 months.

Q2: What is the net worth, Dalyn O’Brien?

Dalyn O’Brien’s net worth is $7 million dollars.

Q3: What is Dylan O’Brien doing now?

Five years later, now, Dylan O’Brien still loves to stunt and doesn’t let his fears get in the way of his work. … Dylan O’Brien also starred alongside Mark Wahlberg in his science-fiction action film, Infinite, to hit theaters on September 24, 2021.

Q4: is Dylan O’Brien single in 2022? 

Dylan and Britt Robertson have been in a relationship together. This ex-couple met in 2012 during a film shooting. …daily is also believed to have dated Chloe Grace Moretz before dating Robertson. But their relationship has not been confirmed to date.




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