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Hasbulla Magomedov Biography, age, family, Fight, Career, Height and weight, net worth, and more



Hasbulla Magnomedov Images
Hasbulla Magomedov Bio

Hasbik’s real name is Hasbulla, and his last name is Magomedov. He was born on January 27, 2002. A guy from Dagestan comes. By nationality, Hasbulla is a Dargin. At the moment, Hasbik has already reached the age of majority, but now he lives with his parents. He loves to read the Quran and wants to become an alim in the future.

In his free time, the guy shoots videos that he posts on social media. Networks, spending time with friends. Nothing is known about the biography of his parents. And there is no information about Hasbeek on Wikipedia. 

Hasbulla Magnomedov Images

Hasbulla Magnomedov Images

Hasbulla Magomedov Biography
Full name Hasbulla magomedov
Nick name Mini khabib
Profession Internet celebrity
Date of birth 27 January 2003
Age 19 years
Nationality Russian
Birthplace Makhachkala republic of Dagestan Russia
Religion Islam
Hair color Golden blonde
Eye color Brown
Height 3 feet, and 4 inches
Weight 18 kg
Food habit  Non-vegetarian
Martial status Unmarried
Mother Not available
Father Abdulmanap Magomedov
Siblings He has one sister
Disease Growth Hormone deficiency
Instagram Hasbulla_
Net worth $200 thousand US as of 2022
Last updated:  2022

Age and sick

Future social star networks were born of average weight and height. But, Hasbik’s parents became suspicious when the boy stopped growing. He is “stuck” in the body of a five-year-old child, although in 2022, he was already 19 years old.

Hasbik did not tell subscribers the story of his illness. According to some reports, he was examined more than once, and the doctors could not make a reliable diagnosis for him. Most likely, his disease is genetic or is associated with hormones that affect growth. 

The blogger has problems with the respiratory system due to his short stature. His lungs and chest are developed at the age of a preschooler, so the guy has a child’s voice. When he speaks or laughs, his voice is similar to that of an ordinary person inhaling helium from a balloon and talking.  

But despite these health issues, Hasbik’s intellect has developed over the years. That is, the blogger has no mental disabilities. He does not experience difficulties with movement, but on the contrary, he loves hiking and an active lifestyle.


Hasbik is still young and not married yet. In the future, he plans to start a family. During this time, he spends much time with friends and parents. He likes to ride cars, walk, and shoot videos in which his companions help him. And if we talk about his father, his father’s name is Abdulmanap Magomedov, his mother’s name has not been revealed yet, and he also has a sister.

Height and weight 

If we talk about their length, their length is 3 feet and 4 inches, and their weight is around 18 kg. They have a minimal appearance but have brought themselves to a prominent position with their work.

Hasbulla Magnomedov Images

Hasbulla Magnomedov Images

Hasbulla Magomedov Fight with Abdurozik

In January 2021, it became known that Hasbick wanted to try his hand at pop MMA. He shared this information when he became a guest on the Bodymania YouTube channel.

After that, Askhab Tamaev began to train him and look for an opponent in the same weight category. They found a suitable opponent for him – 17-year-old singer Abdurozik from Tajikistan. This guy also suffers from a disease similar to Hasbullah’s. Magomedov decided to fight because he wanted to earn a prize of 1 million rubles if he won. And Abdurozik said money is unnecessary since he plans to defend his honor in the ring. 

Some thought it was absurd when their fans found out about this fight. Many were against him. As a result, one unknown person paid the guys 1 million rubles each, provided that there was no fight. Fans learned about its cancellation from a video that was recorded by rivals, and it was published on Tamaev’s channel.

Hasbulla Magomedov Personal Life

In one of the interviews, Magomedov admitted that he took up blogging activities, not for the sake of money or popularity. He makes videos for the soul. When asked whether it was better before or after the rise of rage, he answered that before. He also said that he gets 5,000 per story. But, he did not specify in what currency his earnings are calculated. 

Magomedov continues to delight his fans with new videos. When the blogger reached the peak of popularity, they began to create fake pages on Instagram. In addition, Hasbik has repeatedly faced negative comments from haters. When it comes to extremes, his parents worry about him and ask him to leave Social Networks. But, Hasbik does not let himself be offended and rebuffs the haters, sometimes even responding with obscenities to their negativity. 

Hasbulla Magomedov Career

Hasbullah started making entertainment videos a long time ago. He posted them on social media networks. Users drew attention to the novice blogger and began to wonder who he was and how old he was. 

After learning how old the blogger was, Hasbullah got the nickname “adult child” on the network. He was also called Hasbik. Such a pseudonym arose because of his small stature. But the blogger does not, particularly like this name, and he asks to call himself Hasbullah – not to distort the word his parents gave him at birth. 

First, the blogger became famous in Dagestan, and then in Russia and even in other countries. Who reposted recordings of his videos in different groups on VK? Then Hasbik became famous on the vastness of Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok. 

He began blogging activities in the open spaces of Vkontakte. Later I registered on Tik Tok and opened a YouTube channel.

The blogger reached the peak of popularity when he was already an adult by recording a video of eating strawberries. In it, he eats a berry and says, “strawberry bomb.” This video has become a real “bomb” on social networks. And the video’s author gained popularity and significantly increased subscribers and fans.

Hasbik makes videos of his daily life. For example, how he rides a prior, an ATV, or eats in a cafe with friends. There is a video where he rides a hoverboard and kicks the children out of the hut. 

The blogger has a best friend – Magomed. A friend helps him develop social page networks, as he is the manager of Hasbik. And the father negotiates with advertisers and keeps all the money earned from the blog. 

Hasbulla Magnomedov Images

Hasbulla Magnomedov Images

Hasbulla Magomedov Net Worth

If we talk about his net worth, he has a net worth of around $200 thousand US as of 2022, which is enough for him, and he lives her life happily.

Hasbulla Magomedov’s Media Profiles:

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