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Kelly Stables Biography, Wiki, Birthday, Relationship, Career, Net worth, Television, and Movies



Kelly Stable Biography
Kelly Stables Bio

Kelly Stables is a well-known face of America. He is known for his performances in television series and films. She is mainly known for starring in the TV series kelly stables, and her first debut was TV: Lagori – B.S. Also, in films in 2002, Stables first appeared in Hollywood, starring as a stuntman in the Marvel action film ‘Spider-Man’. Kelly is best known for her stunt work for The Ring at the top of the world of cinema, playing the evil Samara Morgan, played by Davey Chase; so let’s know in some detail about the information related to his life.

Who is Kelly Stables?

Kelly was a cheerleader during her high school years. In addition, Kelly earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri in Columbia. After earning her bachelor’s degree, she earned a BA in communications, working on television and a small theatre. In March 2005, in correspondence with the release of The Ring 2 in theaters, she married Kurt Patino.

Kelly is an avid baseball fan and mainly follows the St. Louis Cardinals. In his spare time, in places offered by the church near his home, he conducts an education program for children on Parkinson’s disease and strategies for coping with it. Kelly’s adoptive brother is a teacher at Francis Howell Central High School in St. Charles, Missouri.

Kelly Stable Images

Kelly Stable Images

Kelly Stables Biography
Full Name Kelly Stables
Date of Birth January 26, 1978
Age  44 years
Current residence America
Profession Actress, voice actress, stunt performer, film actress, and Stage actress
College University of Missouri
Qualification Graduate
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Dark brown
Marital Status Married
Height 4’10 Inches / 147 cm
Weight 54 Kg / 119 lbs
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Hobbies Traveling, Acting
Nationality American
Net Worth 3 million dollars
Last Update 2022

kelly stables Career

His career started with acting in a TV series, Broadway drama. After this, Kelly appeared in several theaters in the TV series stables and mostly wanted to go for work in TV series. In 2002, he was in spider-man; he got a chance to act as a stunt double, his first film achievement. He performed this act well and gained fame among the people, and then in the same year, he was selected to act in big films like ‘The Grubs’ and ‘The Ring.’ He would later appear in a comedy-drama, Pride and Prejudice: A Latter-day Comedy, while not doing it now. After this, he lent his voice to the film Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs which was a massive achievement for him. Kelly has starred in several other roles, such as Marion Davis and Daisy in WR. A role that he filled in the sequel The Ring 2. Always in the same saga, he played the same position in the short film Rings, which connected the two films. He also voiced Will Vandom on the US version of WITCH.


  • In 2002, The Grubbs 
  • In 2002, BS – short TV film 
  • In 2003, Comedy Central Laughed for Life Telethon 2003 
  • In 2003, General Hospital 
  • In 2004, Girls in the ball – La rivincita (Bring It On: Again),
  • In 2004, Creating America’s Next Hit Television Show 
  • In 2005, Rings – a short TV film 
  • In 2006, How I Met Your Mother – TV series
  • In 2007, Cavemen – a TV series
  • In 2008, the Beautiful- TV series
  • In 2008, Tutti Insieme a Natale (Together Again for the First Time), – a film TV 
  • In 2007, Live – a TV series
  • From 2007-2008, the Greek – The brotherhood – TV series
  • In 2009, Santa Baby – Christmas in Danger – TV movie 
  • In 2009, Til Death – For a lifetime (Til Death) – TV series
  • From 2008-2010, Two and a Half Men -TV series
  • In 2010, Bones – a TV series
  • In 2011, Mad Love – TV series, episodes 1×5 
  • In 2011, Hung – TV series, episodes 3×1 
  • In 2011, 3 Puppies and a Ring ( 3 Holiday Tails )
  • In 2010-2011, Romantically Challenged – TV series, six episodes 
  • In 2013, Baby Daddy – TV series, episodes 2×7-2×14 
  • In 2015, Mom – TV series, episodes 2×20 
  • From 2011-2015 The Exes – TV series, 64 episodes 
  • In 2016, No Tomorrow – TV series, four episodes 
  • In 2017, Speechless – TV series, episodes 2×1 
  • In 2018, Get Shorty – TV series, episodes 2×4 
  • In 2017-2018 Malibu Dan the Family Man – TV series, 23 episodes 
  • In 2017-2019 Superstore – TV series, 22 episodes 
  • In 2021, NCIS – Crime Unit ( NCIS) 


  • In 2003, The Haunted Mansion. 
  • In 2003, Pride and Prejudice. 
  • In 2004, State’s Evidence
  • In 2005 The Ring 2 
  • In 2007, Furnace, Directed by William Butler 
  • In 2008, Telling Lies
  • In 2009, Dragon Hunter 
  • In 2008, Soul Fire Rising 
  • In 2012, Should’ve Been Romeo
  • In 2012, Love and Germophobia
  • In 2014, How to kill the boss 2 
  • In 2018, One Last Night 
Kelly Stable Images

Kelly Stable Images

Kelly Stables Relationship

Talking about her personal life, Kelly Stables is a married woman who tied the knot with Kurt Patino in 2005. Both the couple are parents to two wonderful children. Their first child Kendrick Kurt Patino was born in 2012, while Kellen William was born in 2015. As time progresses, everything seems to be going great for the family. They now live together in their home in Los Angeles.

Kelly Stables Net worth

Kelly stables’ current net worth is $3 million (US dollars). She has some future projects; therefore, she has a good chance of improving her income. 

Kelly Stable Images

Kelly Stable Images

Kelly Stable’s Media Profiles:

  •  Instagram


  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Website


Q1: Are Kelly stables married? 

Talking about her personal life, Kelly Stables is a married woman who tied the knot with Kurt Patino in 2005.

Q2: What is Kelly Stables’ husband’s name? 

A well-known American actress, Kelly Stables’ husband, is Kurt Patino. 

Q3: What is the net worth of Kelly Stables? 

Kelly stables’ current net worth is $3 million (US dollars).

Q4: Why famous Kelly Stables? 

Kelly Stables is a well-known face of America. He is known for his performances in television series and films and primarily for starring in TV series. 


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