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Peter Billingsley Biography, Wiki, Career, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Movies, and TV Shows



Peter Billingsley Biography

Peter Billingsley is known as an actor, director, and producer. He began his career as a child artist, eventually starring in several TV commercials and films. After playing the acclaimed role of “Ralphie” in the highly acclaimed 1983 film “A Christmas Story,” Peter gained popularity. 

He is best remembered as “Messy Marvin” from the famous “Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup” TV spot. As he entered his twenties, the actor became more prone to behind-the-scenes activities, while his acting career slowly declined. 

He ran the production house of his longtime friend Vince Vaughn. He directed the film “Couples Retreat” under the same production company. The film was his main hiatus as a director, and he starred as Vince Vaughn. 

He was the executive producer of “Iron Man” and “Four Christmases” and co-creator of “Zathura – A Space Adventure.

Peter Billingsley Bio & Wiki

On April 16, 1971, Peter Billingsley was born, in New York City, to Alvin Michaelson and Gail Billingsley. Peter’s other name is Peter Michaelson. His father, Alvin, was a financial advisor, while his mother was Alvin’s assistant. 

He has four siblings who have minor duties as child actors. Gail often took all her children to her auditions. While Peter’s other siblings left the industry early on, his brother Neil Billingsley and older sister, Melissa Michaelson, continued to work well into adulthood. 

Melissa is best known for her lead roles in the film “Orphan Train” and the television series “Me and Maxx.” Neil is best known for his role as “Danny Walton” in the “Search for Tomorrow” soap opera. Peter received his education through private schools, public schools, and home tutors. 

He attended “Phoenix Country Day School” and “Professional Children’s School” in Arizona. In 1986, he participated in the disastrous launch of the “Space Shuttle Challenger” at NASA’s “Kennedy Space Center.” It exploded in 73 seconds of flight. 

Who is Peter Billingsley? 

Full Nаmе Реtеr Віllіngѕlеу
Nick Name Реtеr
Known for Actor
Аgе 51 уеаrѕ оld
Віrth Dаtе 16 Арrіl 1971
Віrth Рlасе Nеw Yоrk, Nеw Yоrk, Unіtеd Ѕtаtеѕ
Nаtіоnаlіtу Аmеrісаn
Маrіtаl Ѕtаtuѕ Ѕіnglе
Неіght 5 feet, 8 inches
Wеіght 79 kg
Рrоfеѕѕіоn Асtоr, Dіrесtоr, Рrоduсеr
Ѕехuаl Оrіеntаtіоn Ѕtrаіght
Eye Colour dark blue
Hair Colour blonde hair
Gender Male
Girlfriend Buffy Bains
Nеt Wоrth $12 mіllіоn

Peter Billingsley Birthday

On April 16, 1971, Peter was born in New York City, United States Of America. Currently, Peter is 50 years of age.

Peter Billingsley Age 

Currently, Peter Billingsley is 50 years of age. Peter is a well-known personality of America. He is a man who loves to keep fit and healthy with daily exercise and a regular diet. 

Peter Billingsley Height and Weight

Most famous American singer Peter Billingsley’s height is 5 feet, 8 inches, and about 77 kg. Peter has blonde hair, and his eyes are dark blue. His zodiac sign is Aries.

Peter Billingsley Girlfriend

According to the records, Peter Billingsley is not married. However, he is engaged to his girlfriend, Buffy Bains. Buffy Bains Peter has had a girlfriend for a long time, and they are also dating each other for a very long time.

Both of them always stay away from the media headlines. There is no information about the first meeting, which engaged both of them privately in 2015, but for some reason, both of them are not married to date.

Peter Billingsley Personal Life

Peter has been entirely successful in keeping himself away from the media. He must have been gay for a long time, who knew not enough about his personal life.

In 2015, the rumors died down when US Weekly reported that he was engaged to Buffy Bains, and none of them had confirmed this information. 

After that, there was no news of their marriage. He is known as a philanthropist.

Peter Billingsley Career

Peter Billingsley started his career in Hollywood when he was only three years old. His first commercial was for “Geritol.” His most famous TV spot was the one he shot for “Hershey’s” Chocolate Syrup. He introduced him as “Messy Marvin.” 

In 1978, operated by Hooligan Media, he made a small cameo in the film “If I See You Again,” which was one of his first film roles. In 1981 peter was nominated for the ‘Young Artist Award’ for his performance in the film ‘Paternity.’ 

In 1982, he was seen in various feature films like “Maserati and the Brain” and “Death Valley.” He was also seen in the TV movie “Memories Never Die,” which starred his sister Melissa.

After appearing in several commercials and movies, he gave his most memorable performance in 1983 in “A Christmas Story.” The film introduced him as “Ralphie,” the young alter-ego of Jean Shepherd. 

This role brought him another nomination for the “Young Artist Award.” In 1984, Peter starred in “The Hoboken Chicken Emergency.” In 1985 Peter starred in “The Dirt Bike Kid,” He won the “Young Artist Award.” In the early 1990s, Peter began to appear in older roles. He played a potential jock in “The Fourth Man,” the “CBS Schoolbreak Special.

” His next “Schoolbreak Special” appearance was as “Rabbi” in “The Writing on the Wall.” In 1993 he was the post-production supervisor for the film “Arcade.” One of his first major projects was as an assistant editor for Nights’. 

He wrote, directed, and starred in the short film ‘The Sacred Fire’ (1994). The film won the “Golden Scroll Award.” He has also served as the editor for “Patriot Son,” as the lead producer for “The X Show,” and as a co-producer for “Made.

” She has starred in “Elf” and “ARK: The New Adventures of Children of Animal Rescue.” He received an “Emmy Award” nomination in 2005 as co-executive producer of the critically acclaimed show “Dinner for Five” with Jon Favreau. 

“Break-Up” (2006) and “Iron Man” are two of the films that have seen him serve as an executive producer.

Their first significant achievement, “Couples Retreat,” starring Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn, was released in 2009. 

His second directorial project, “Term Life” (2016), again starred Vince Vaughn. He is currently the director of “Wild West Picture Show Productions, ” founded by his good friend Vince Vaughn.

Peter Billingsley Movies and TV Shows


  • 1978 If Ever I See You Again
  • 1981 Honky Tonk Freeway
  • 1982 Death Valley
  • 1983 A Christmas Story
  • 1985 The Dirt Bike Kid
  • 1987 Russkies
  • 1989 Beverly Hills Brats
  • 1993 Arcade Nick
  • 1994 The Sacred Fire
  • 2000 No Deposit, No Return
  • 2003 Elf
  • 2005 Zathura: A Space Adventure
  • 2006 The Break-Up

Wild West Comedy Show

  • 2008 Iron Man
  • 2009 Couples Retreat
  • 2013 A Case of You Scott
  • 2015 Prescription Thugs
  • 2016 Term Life
  • 2019 Spider-Man: Far From Home

TV Show

  • 1982 Little House on the Prairie
  • 1984 The Hoboken Chicken 
  • 1985 Who’s the Boss?
  • 1986 Tall Tales & Legends
  • 1987 Carly’s Web
  • 1990 CBS Schoolbreak 
  • 1993 The Wonder Years
  • 1994 CBS 
  • 1995 Family Reunion: A Relative Nightmare, Sherman Oaks
  • 1999 LA Heat
  • 2000 Who’s Watching Who?
  • 2001–2004 Dinner for Five
  • 2002–present Made
  • 2003 Trigger Happy TV
  • 2008 Dinner for Five
  • 2012 Art of Conflict
  • 2012–2014 Sullivan & Son
  • 2013 Pursuit of the Truth
  • 2015 F Is for Family
  • 2020 Challenger: The Final Flight

Peter Billingsley Net Worth

As of 2021, Peter Billingsley’s net worth is estimated at $12 million. Since childhood, he has appeared in TV commercials and movies and has acted in several hits such as ‘Arcade,’ ‘Ironman,’ and ‘Spiderman: Far From Home.

He has starred in several sitcoms, and  TV series and made cameos for films such as “Elf,” “The X Show,” and “Family Reunion: A Relative Nightmare.” Apart from films, he worked as an executive producer for several successful and award-winning films and TV series and helped produce “Zathura.” 

Peter Billingsley is still remembered as the prodigal little Ralphie in A Christmas Story. He said in an interview that a lot of people still come to him on the street to say, “You’re going to shoot your eyes, kid.


  • Is Peter Billingsley engaged? 

According to the records, Peter Billingsley is not married, and however, he is engaged to his girlfriend, Buffy Bains. Peter has had a girlfriend for a long time, and they are also dating each other for a very long time. Both of them always stay away from the media headlines.

  • What is the age of Peter Billingsley? 

Currently, Peter Billingsley is 50 years of age, and Peter is a well-known personality of America.

  • How tall is Peter Billingsley? 

Most famous American singer Peter Billingsley’s height is 5 feet, 8 inches, and about 77 kg. Peter has blonde hair, and his eyes are dark blue.

  • What is the net worth of Peter Billingsley? 

As of 2021, Peter Billingsley’s net worth is estimated at $12 million. Since childhood, he has appeared in TV commercials and movies and has acted in several hits such as ‘Arcade,’ ‘Ironman,’ and ‘Spiderman: Far From Home.

  • What is the girlfriend name of Peter Billingsley? 

Buffy Bains Peter has had a girlfriend for a long time, and they are also dating each other for a very long time. 


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